My Book of Days

No day, no night, no moment, can hold me back from trying.

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Hi I'm Kennedy, but I also go by Kay. I've been and LJ member for ages but haven't used it much, I'm making an effort to fix but am still learning the ropes.

I'm a student who hopes that her writing will pay the bills someday soon. When I'm not at school or work I can usually be found reading. I also love being outdoors, swimming and riding horses and when I can find people to go with me I also like to go hiking. I love music (all kinds), musicals and, anything Kristin Chenoweth related. I tend to break into song or say totally random things, I also tend to find humor everywhere whether it's appropriate or not. Gotta make life fun somehow. I consider myself spiritual and christian; religion in general fascinates me. I'm fairly liberal and very open-minded.

This journal may go friends only eventually but for now it's open to all, feel free to friend though. Comments are welcome, though flames will be ignored. Expect lots of rambling observations and possibly some rants.