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Oct. 12th, 2008

(no subject)

So I'm back at school now. Whoopdeefreakingdoo. No it's not too bad actually.

Going home was amazing. I didn't get to see Tayli or her brothers because they are still sick (and in quarantine basically, they don't want them exposed to any more germs until next week) but that's okay. It was a whirlwind trip, I didn't get to see a lot of the people I wanted to see. I did get to go shopping with my mom, which was really fun. And I went on a date with my friend Ty which was lots of fun. I got pulled over on the way to his house by a moron cop who was obviously bored (it was really late and there was basically no one else on the road). Anyway, he said his computer wasn't registering that my car was insured. I wasn't aware that they could find this information that quickly in the first place, I literally passed him about four seconds before he flashed his lights and stopped me. Anyway, I wasn't doing anything wrong and did have the insurance information with me so I didn't get a warning or anything he just made me late, which ticked me off. Anyhoo, so it was a fun -if too short- trip home.

Coincidentally two of roommates were also stopped by cops for no apparent reason and released without warnings or tickets this weekend. Weird much?

In other news it is snowing. Which is a bit ridiculous as the leaves are barely starting to change colors for fall. And it's supposed to be back up to 80 degrees by the weekend -which will be good for my camping trip- but is a little crazy. Welcome to Utah I guess -the land where you can get frost bite and 2nd degree burns from you door handle on the same day.

Oct. 10th, 2008

(no subject)

Taylian (my little alien ^^) is out of the hospital. She does not have a hole in her heart (thank God). She's still sick but is recovering well and sleeping and eating as she should. And I still get to go home to see her and her brothers and the rest of the groovy peeps. Happy day.

Pushing Daisies was fan-freaking-tastic! I had very low expectations for this episode I admit; I was thinking 'Circus? Clowns'? Minimal Kristin? Have ya'll lost your friggin' minds!?' But to my delight it blew me away. I rather like Olive's leave of absence. She's underappreciated, so it was wondeful to (finally) see someone other than Chuck miss her, and they acknowledged that they even need her. I think that's one of the best decisions the creative team could have made because what really makes this show is the ensemble, and I think they are intertwining the characters more and it will definitely be a good thing. So hopefully the ratings will start to reflect that in the near future. Of course they still desperately need some network/ad support but a girl's gotta have a dream right? Anyhoo...so I hate clowns, but the dead one with the Dorothy shoes was amusing and I sort of love the obnoxious French guy because he was thoroughly amusing. And Swoosie Kurtz (who is officially on my favorite people list) and Kristin Chenoweth should both get Emmy's for this episode alone. They are brilliant! Their comedy is perfect and yet they both have these...dramatic moments that  are comepletely stellar. I can't wait till next week!

Oct. 8th, 2008

My day was craptacular how about yours?

I'm not so sure I love Wednesdays.

I haven't seen Pushing Daisies yet which drives me all sorts of nuts. I knew this Wednesday night voice lesson thing was gonna be a problem. At the time I thought it would be worth it. Shows you what I know.

Anyhoo, so I'm waiting (more or less patiently) for tomorrow to get here so I can watch it on my lunch hour.
Meanwhile Private Practice was good, but I'm not sure I'm hooked on it yet. I thought they could have handled the whole genetic siblings are married thing better. I mean forgive me for saying this, but did they have any right to barge in and tell them that since their parents used the same sperm donor and forgot to mention that they aren't allowed to be in love anymore? Sorry, life sucks, you'll get over it's only your soul mate? SERIOUSLY. The saving grace was that the dude knew and he didn't tell his sissy chicky. But still. Do you just throw those years spent in a healthy relationship because of new information? This is a totally grey area isn't it?

Right, so I think that's enough of my TV show rants for tonight.

My three month old cousin has RSV, Roto-virus, and a hole in her heart. She's having her lungs vacuumed (for lack of a better term) every hour. She could definitely use some prayers if you have any to spare.

So I'm going home this weekend to see her (hopefully see her getting better) and to visit some other peeps which will be really nice. I can't believe how home sick I have been this year! It's insane and probably a little pathetic. But we must all press on I suppose. 

That's all. I'm done whining now.

In happier news today will be over in forty-five minutes and like all things this too shall pass (thank you Dianne) and tomorrow is another day.

Also: Kerry Ellis and Annie Lennox are my new favorite people. Melissa Etheridge is back on the favorite people grid too. And Kristin Chenoweth is ruling over them all with a wink and a smile -seriously the woman is a doll.

Concerned Fan

Dear Mr. Producers of Pushing Daisies-
Why are you not advertising?
Your ratings suck and potential viewers think it's too weird to watch.
Get your rears in gear and start plugging your show. Your stars need to be spammed across the talk show circuit. And you need some seriously good spots during DSM, Grey's, Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, and Ugly Betty. At the very least. Or did you want this show to die short of it's second season?
Get cracking.
Concerned Fan

Dear Ms. Chenoweth-
You seriously need to reunite with your peeps at Ellen, The View, Martha Stewart (I know she's condescending bitch who undervalues your intelligence to your face but we all have to make sacrifices for the biz). You also need to be on Oprah. Because let's face it, 75% of the United States female population do what Oprah tells them. The other 25% do what the people who listen to Oprah tell them to do.
How are you going to sell a Christmas CD at Halloween without this?
I'm just sayin'
Concerned Fan

Oct. 3rd, 2008

Fandom ramble

There be spoilers afoot, ye be warned.

Let me also preface this by saying that I love all of these things dearly, so I assure you that anything herein that could be construed as remotely derogatory or insulting is done in the most loving and affectionate of ways -Rather like a mother musing on her children, whom she loves, in spite of their faults. Or perhaps because of them. 

Pushing Daisies:

Now then. What I wanna know is, if Vivienne doesn't known that Chuck is Lily and her former fiance's daughter, then how exactly did Charles Charles come to have Chuck in his care without Lily questioning where this baby came from? Because he certainly didn't find her in a cabbage patch. Futhermore, is Chuck the reason Lily and Charles didn't end up married? 

Breaking Dawn:
Is Jacob immortal? Cuz I'm pretty sure his lycan-ish forefathers aren't entirely...alive. Does this mean that if the Cullens leave Forks (as they will have to eventually) he will go all human again? In which case he would die eventually and Renesme would have to move on? Or if he went with the Cullens when they leave Forks would he remain wolfish forever? If so would the rest of his pack be wolfish and immortal too? Or...if this is not the case. If he does go human again then would he be able to be turned into a vampire without...y'know...DYING?

Star Wars:

And since I'm ranting on fandoms. I shall rant about this while I'm at it, because I have nothing better to do. (Sad much?) If Padme died right after Luke and Leia were born then how in the name of the emperor did Leia manage to remember her mother's kindness and tendency towards depression? Does she have super-nifty rememberation powers? She'd have to be able to magically see in the past too of course since she had all of two seconds to process that information and any observations at that point aren't entirely accurate do to the fact that Padme just got through delivering an extra baby and would probably be a little teary at that point. You would think that writing the end of the story first would help keep continuity...well, continuous. ALSO: Would someone please explain who's brilliant idea it was to make the ships in the prequels look WAAYY niftier than the ones in the sequels? I realize technology has gotten better, but taking into account that most of the space scenes are also OBVIOUSLY digitally created, one would think that they would mix in a bit of the old FX so that the supposedly older ships look real and the newer ships actually look new. Just sayin'.


I love X-Files. But the movie was a ridiculous let down. It was worth it for the express purpose of the scene in which Mulder and Scully discuss her decision to place their son with adoptive parents. And maybe because we now know that yes, they finally did verifiably "hook up". But the rest of the plot was lame. The dude who played Father Joe was absolutely awful -maybe he knew how horrible the plot was and therefore put forth no effor whatsoever. Really...what happened to the ghosts, vampires, lake monsters, and liver eating mutants? A nice Monster of the Week movie released in time for Halloween would have been brilliant. Because Chris Carter does that the capability of writing seriously scary shit with wonderful character interaction in between. If they decide to do another movie (I have my doubts) this would be a much better bet.

Sep. 29th, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle...or...you know...not Seattle

Why am I awake? I would really love to know. It's 3:30 in the morning and all sane people in this region are asleep...with maybe the exception of the few who work at Walmart, gas stations and maybe the hospital or something.

Good news though, my wireless works again, it didn't all weekend and I almost lapsed into catatonic schizophrenia or something. I don't know what was wrong.

And there's only two more days until October and Pushing Daisies and Kristin's album and Tinkerbell and and and...I'm a little excited. Lots of fun stuff is going on in October. I get to go home and I get to go four wheeling with a friend cuz his family is going near where I go to school. I'm pretty freaking psyched.

Sep. 28th, 2008

(no subject)

So I went to the Pride festival yesterday. Thank God for weekends and roadtrips. Anyway it was a blast. There was live entertainment and food and a bunch of booths sellin' (and handing out) fun stuff. I got some really groovy earrings that are designed to trail up the ear and look all nifty. I'm super psyched about those. And someone I met there told me I'd look good with a nose ring. I've wanted one for years but just in the past little while a bunch of people have said the same thing so it may be happening in the near future.

There were also a bunch of animal adoption agencies there (not to mention there were like a million people who brought their dogs). There was a really cute lab mix puppy named Border that I really wanted. But alas my apartment does not allow pets (other than fish, which are more of a pain than they are worth) so I had to go home puppyless. But it's something to work on for next year I guess.

Sep. 23rd, 2008

What happens in Vegas....

So I live in a bubble. This bubble is also known as Small College Town. So in order to escape this bubble my bff Cam and I went to Las Vegas last weekend. We had to pick up a friend at the, airport so we figured we'd just make a day of it. Anyhoo, we walked about a thousand miles up and down the strip and through stores which had a lot of stuff we didn't have nearly enough money to buy. (Although Cam did find these AMAZING boots that were normally $300 and were on sale for $45 and promptly bought them). I bought sunglasses because it was bright and viciously hot. We caught the pirate show at Treasure Island and the water show at the Bellagio, stood on the corner of Caesar's and the Bellagio (because I was having a Chenzel fictional fangirl moment) and then grabbed dinner at the Rio (A-Maze-ing) before heading to McCarren. It was awesome!

Lame pics I took on my cellphone that are not behind a cut because I haven't quite figured those out yet:

Venitian Street ArtisVenitian Street ArtistFall display at the BellagioFall display at the Bellagio

Fountains at the BellagioFountains at the Bellagio (playing to Time to Say Goodbye)
Corner of Caesar's and the bellagio BridgeNew York, New York
Bridge on the corner of Caesar's and the Bellagio. Corner of New York, New York.
New Sunglasses My spiffy new sunglasses.

Sep. 10th, 2006

(no subject)

For lack of anything better to say in my first entry I think I might as well introduce myself. I mean it makes sense that anyone reading this (I apologize in advance :D) ought to know just a bit about the person whose life they're reading about. So.... I'm an eclectic character. I think that's the way to put it. I'm a senior in high school but looking at me you wouldn't know it. I love music, I play the piano and sing and my iPod is (not-quite) permanently attached to my ear. I love all kinds of music, showtunes are my favorite genre but I listen to lots of rock, country and pop. I'm an aspiring actress who hopes her chosen profession will someday pay the bills and everything else. I'm a theatre junkie and movie buff, I used to play sports for my school, but this year i'm devoted to the plays and I'm perfectly fine with that. I still love sports but being a jock wasn't really my thing. So when I have spare time, which lately hasn't been much, I like to read and write fanfiction, I beta on the side and lurk around different fansites, most of them are Wicked or Kristin Chenoweth related because as this point that's my favorite fandom and my hero. I also really like Stargate SG-1, The West Wing, and X-Files. So that's pretty much me in a nutshell, the big stuff anyway. I'm sure all my little quirks and possibly some of the skeletons in closets will come out eventually but for now this is the abridged version.

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