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November 2008

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Oh. My. Goodness. It has been a heck of a week.

First, I have gotten basically no sleep because of various things, most of them fun. I went to St. George with Rachel and her boyfriend Josh to watch scary movies. It was good fun and actually rather scary at the time...no lingering affects of freaked outness unfortunately.

Next night was Wednesday, which is always crazy cuz of voice -which has been moved up a half hour so I can actually watch Pushing Daisies now!!! Yay!!!! So I'm watching PD and Roydon comes in and sits down. He's a nice guy, but he was talking during my show. Not cool. But then it got over and we had a nice chat.

Next night was Trunk or Treating so I dressed up and went with my roommates to walk around and get candy. It was good fun. Then we went to the Haunted Hospital scare alley which was even better. I love freaking myself out. Luckily so do a lot of other people so I'm not committing myself yet ^^. Karyn was my "date" which was lots of fun to joke about and we both got well and truly terriffied and clutched each other's arms as scared school girls do haha. Then I came home and studied for my math test until 4:00 am. and I'm pretty sure I did lousy on it anyway. I have to start actually going to math for the notes now instead of just going to homework/test days. Lame!!!

Friday. Halloween. Good times. I went to work (late because ride didn't show, will rant later). Then to class fo the dumb test. Then we listened to War of the Worlds circa 1938 for radio which was amusing to no end. Then back to work. Dianne was in a better mood -thank goodness cuz I was ready to kill her even though she was sick so had a good reason to be cranky. Then left for home with Westin (awesome name) and Logan and Robin. The ride was good fun, they are groovy peeps. Got home late but had time to take Emma trick or treating -which was good cuz her lame kiddy friends ditched her. I should have kicked their asses for that but figured it probably would have got me in more trouble than it was worth. But still. Then it was to Grandma Margaret's for her birthday. She made chili as always which was fantastic -best I've had in the twenty years I've experienced this tradition- and we had cake and pie for our birthdays. It was fantastic. Then I watched The Howling with my parents, uncle, brother and cousin. It was lame but in a fun way. Tom and Nate were scared and Berny had to keep tellin' 'em to cover their eyes cuz there's lots of boob scenes.

Saturday. Babysat all freaking day long. Which was fine. But more of a pain than I thought it would be. Tayli is huge!!! Not really. But she is compared to what she was last time I saw her! She is darling thouhg and starting to smile and "talk". Her brothers are cute too, they wore their Halloween costumes. We went to Barnes and Noble and then to Ty's to get my birthday present which was wonderful. Why does he have to be so sweet? But it was fun.  Talked with my mom for a while, a really good talk which we need to continue because I'm halfway through coming out to her, which is such a fantastic relief I must say. Then I left 'em with my mom for an hour so I could go see Dianne (F who is basically the most groovy woman in the world) . We watched Beaches which made me cry. And decide that either a Chenzel or Gelphie version of this show needs to be written presently. Then I went to put the kids to bed. Then it was shopping -Got Sex and the City season 1, want to get Will and Grace season 8 still but it will ave to wait. Then watched Lost Boys which is a fun 80's vampire flick which gave me an epiphany for a novel that I might actually have to write now.

Sunday. It rained! Poured even! God gave me exactly what i wanted for my birthday!!  Church -only an hour. Areli sat by us and treated me weird, I'm guessing this is because of the whole no prop. 8/pro gay marriage facebook spam. Oh well. Her loss I guess. Saw Dianne again and said goodbye. Hopefully I'll get to see her again next trip up because this one was way to short. Then went home to finish packing and head to Grandma June's for dinner -which was fantastic. Then we met Westin and Robin and headed home -raced Logan and made it back to Cedar City in like 2.5 hours, ridiculous but fun and we didn't get caught so we're good for now. My roommates decorated and made cake for my birthday. They are so sweet, I'm so glad I'm getting along and becoming friends with them. Then got unpacked -put the new memory foam on my bed which is love I may never ever leave- and now here I am.

That's all. Rants about work and life in general may follow but for now I'm being happy because it's my birthday for 27 more mintues and it only comes once a year.


Happy Birthday my pretty!

Sounds like you had a great one, no wonder I didn't see you on msn on the weekend ;)
Haha, yes it was really excellent! Thanks!

Yeah, I didn't have internet at home. My parents computer was down and the neighbors signal wasn't strong enough to steal lol. Hope life is goin' good for you though!