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Nov. 7th, 2008

(no subject)

I am so homesick this is ridiculous. I was home last week. What is my problem?! I don't understand it but this is not cool.
So I'm being a shut in tonight. I slept for four hours and now I'm going to get comfort food and watch Sex and the City until I fall asleep again. Exciting much?
Oi vey.

Nov. 2nd, 2008

(no subject)

Oh. My. Goodness. It has been a heck of a week.

First, I have gotten basically no sleep because of various things, most of them fun. I went to St. George with Rachel and her boyfriend Josh to watch scary movies. It was good fun and actually rather scary at the time...no lingering affects of freaked outness unfortunately.

Next night was Wednesday, which is always crazy cuz of voice -which has been moved up a half hour so I can actually watch Pushing Daisies now!!! Yay!!!! So I'm watching PD and Roydon comes in and sits down. He's a nice guy, but he was talking during my show. Not cool. But then it got over and we had a nice chat.

Next night was Trunk or Treating so I dressed up and went with my roommates to walk around and get candy. It was good fun. Then we went to the Haunted Hospital scare alley which was even better. I love freaking myself out. Luckily so do a lot of other people so I'm not committing myself yet ^^. Karyn was my "date" which was lots of fun to joke about and we both got well and truly terriffied and clutched each other's arms as scared school girls do haha. Then I came home and studied for my math test until 4:00 am. and I'm pretty sure I did lousy on it anyway. I have to start actually going to math for the notes now instead of just going to homework/test days. Lame!!!

Friday. Halloween. Good times. I went to work (late because ride didn't show, will rant later). Then to class fo the dumb test. Then we listened to War of the Worlds circa 1938 for radio which was amusing to no end. Then back to work. Dianne was in a better mood -thank goodness cuz I was ready to kill her even though she was sick so had a good reason to be cranky. Then left for home with Westin (awesome name) and Logan and Robin. The ride was good fun, they are groovy peeps. Got home late but had time to take Emma trick or treating -which was good cuz her lame kiddy friends ditched her. I should have kicked their asses for that but figured it probably would have got me in more trouble than it was worth. But still. Then it was to Grandma Margaret's for her birthday. She made chili as always which was fantastic -best I've had in the twenty years I've experienced this tradition- and we had cake and pie for our birthdays. It was fantastic. Then I watched The Howling with my parents, uncle, brother and cousin. It was lame but in a fun way. Tom and Nate were scared and Berny had to keep tellin' 'em to cover their eyes cuz there's lots of boob scenes.

Saturday. Babysat all freaking day long. Which was fine. But more of a pain than I thought it would be. Tayli is huge!!! Not really. But she is compared to what she was last time I saw her! She is darling thouhg and starting to smile and "talk". Her brothers are cute too, they wore their Halloween costumes. We went to Barnes and Noble and then to Ty's to get my birthday present which was wonderful. Why does he have to be so sweet? But it was fun.  Talked with my mom for a while, a really good talk which we need to continue because I'm halfway through coming out to her, which is such a fantastic relief I must say. Then I left 'em with my mom for an hour so I could go see Dianne (F who is basically the most groovy woman in the world) . We watched Beaches which made me cry. And decide that either a Chenzel or Gelphie version of this show needs to be written presently. Then I went to put the kids to bed. Then it was shopping -Got Sex and the City season 1, want to get Will and Grace season 8 still but it will ave to wait. Then watched Lost Boys which is a fun 80's vampire flick which gave me an epiphany for a novel that I might actually have to write now.

Sunday. It rained! Poured even! God gave me exactly what i wanted for my birthday!!  Church -only an hour. Areli sat by us and treated me weird, I'm guessing this is because of the whole no prop. 8/pro gay marriage facebook spam. Oh well. Her loss I guess. Saw Dianne again and said goodbye. Hopefully I'll get to see her again next trip up because this one was way to short. Then went home to finish packing and head to Grandma June's for dinner -which was fantastic. Then we met Westin and Robin and headed home -raced Logan and made it back to Cedar City in like 2.5 hours, ridiculous but fun and we didn't get caught so we're good for now. My roommates decorated and made cake for my birthday. They are so sweet, I'm so glad I'm getting along and becoming friends with them. Then got unpacked -put the new memory foam on my bed which is love I may never ever leave- and now here I am.

That's all. Rants about work and life in general may follow but for now I'm being happy because it's my birthday for 27 more mintues and it only comes once a year.

Oct. 26th, 2008

(no subject)

So I went to see High School Musical 3 yesterday. Couldn't see Cameron for the life of me but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. The songs were by far the best of the series and while it was totally campy it was also a lot of fun. It made me miss high school, which I suppose is a bit pathetic, but I miss being in plays and bein' in the drama crowd and all the friends that I haven't seen since going to college.

That said, I'm going home this weekend and I have every intention of seeing lots of people, lets see if it actually happens this time lol. I also went to Wal Mart yesterday and looked for something to be for Halloween. I was just gonna put a couple cuts/stitches on my face to go to work but I found this cool ice princess/frost bite make up kit so I got that and am gonna be that instead with icicle earings. It should be cool. So we're going to the haunted hospital (again, but legally this time lol) Thursday then heading home Friday which of course is Halloween and my grandma's birthday so I should make it home for the party at least but I might not get to take my little sister trick or treating but she'll probably forgive me for that teehee.

I also got these fabulous dragonfly earrings. And they're green!!!

In other news I am obsessing over music in other languages again. I'm not sure I really ever stopped but I've been on a total rampage for the last week or so. I totally blame Celine, even though French isn't my favorite, she's definitely got some gorgeous songs!

Oct. 25th, 2008

Gay Marriage

So my mom sent me this forward the other day from this LDS woman in California who had had a frightening encounter with a bunch of Proposition 8 protesters. I read the forward and it just didn't sit quite right with me. It wasn't that the woman was unkind or malicious in her intent, it was just a rather narrow minded view. So I took it upon myself to pen a lengthy response.

Original forwardCollapse )

My responseCollapse )

It kinda baffles me that the LDS church is spending money on a defensive add campaign when there are so many more worthy causes. Starting with helping gay teens who have come out only to be disowned by their families perhaps?

Just some thoughts.

Oct. 24th, 2008

(no subject)

Moonlight and Magnolias was hysterical! There were actually a lot of Wizard of Oz jokes because the director for Gone With the Wind got pulled from that to direct GWtW. I love Gone With the Wind! I'm totally in the mood to watch it now. And still in the mood for some old school musicals. Maybe I'll watch The Music Man. Or maybe I'll get Meet Me in St. Louis or something.

Tony Tony Tony!

Diary of Mad White Woman

Okay so I have total ADD today and am avoiding work. Again. Oh well.

So went to the Shakespearean Festival last night to see Gaslight and it was really, really good. I was a bit skeptical after the second intermission (it was starting to drag just a tad) but then it picked right up and the main character delivered this incredible crazy ass monologue that basically blew my mind.

I have to admit I totally stood in front of the display case drooling over the Tony Award -So flippin' cool! It sort of rekindled the desire in my heart to win one of those someday. Guess I'll have to get my butt gear and write a play or something.

So tonight we're going to Moonlight and Magnolia's which is a farce on the making of Gone With the Wind (which is obviously like the greatest movie classic ever!). It's closing night so we were like Oh no we have to see this!!! So we're going and hoping that it's as mind blowing as it's supposed to be.

I really wish there was a musical playing around here. I'm in a musical mood. Maybe I'll rent something and watch it this weekend cuz I totally have my apartment to myself until Sunday night w00t!!!

Oct. 22nd, 2008

Black nail polish

Random thought for the night/day: Black nail polish wins times infinity!!!!!

That's all.

Late night ramblings

Okay, so it's like one and I should be asleep but I decided I'm sleeping in tomorrow so I don't actually care that much.

I'm totally jealous that Logan and Westin got to go see Ellen. And I'm even more jealous that they just happened to be there when Kristin was! The unjustice of it all. Oh well. I got to see her and I almost peed myself laughing so hard so I haven't got much to complain about.

Kristin talking about 'witch on witch action' is my absolute new favorite thing ever. And that's the truth.

So I've decided I'm moving to like...Nunavut or something and live in an igloo with my polar bear peeps. Why do we have the heat on? It finally cools down to a temperature perfect of duvet snuggling and these crazies I live with turn the heat on. Truthfully I think my thrifty parents have really screwed me over in the internal temperature department. First of all there's all these Viking genes in me -what were they thinking?! And then they refused for 80% of my life to turn the heat on until oh lets see CHRISTMAS! to turn the heat on  -mind you in Utah winter get's pretty dang cold, greatest snow on earth and all that- Anyhoo, I'm blaming them. That's what they're there for right? Haha.

Um, I should right. But I'm gonna sleep instead I think. I will deal with Fiyero and his secrets tomorrow...And I won't think a bit more about writing a Chenzel Christmas story. No I won't. I swear. This is me not thinking about it.....

Oh GOOD song!!!! I love Pandore, it's probably the best thing ever...right after Kristin Chenoweth...and water...and...no that's about it's rank right now.

Oct. 15th, 2008

Goblin's and ghoulies and ghosts oh my!

So being that there's a bunch of groovy haunting happenings going on in my town my roommates and I took it upon ourselves to go ghost hunting tonight. To interesting results.

I now know that my roommates are fraidy cats (but I love them dearly and won't hold this against them). However, I must say it was an interesting experience. I believe in ghosts and have for so long that I'm not sure I ever didn't. But at the same time I'm fairly skeptical, I don't trust the urban legends much, and I prefer proof -EVP's, pictures, infrared photos, electromagnetic readings, etc. That being said some seriously freaky stuff happened to the night.

The crowning moment was definitely at Old Main. This is the original college building on campus and it's said that when it was being built, the president of the university was having an affair. His wife found out and he had her "taken care of" in the hills behind the town and apparently her blood spilled across some of the granite they used to build Old Main and now her ghost haunts the third floor of the building. There have been many people who claim to have had run ins with this ghost, and most of the faculty and staff leave the building by dark. It's said that at midnight on a full moon her ghost can be seen wandering past windows and piano music can be heard.

So we went to Old Main on this the night of the full moon at midnight (had to run to get there on time, not cool). There was quite the crowd of students gathered in front of the building and a cat who was wandering around giving everyone the heebiejeebies (guardians of the underworld much?). Anyway it was loud, and of course the building is now locked and well lit and all that. So we didn't see much except stupid people moving around casting shadows for us to jump at. We stayed for about ten minutes and then decided to leave the crowd and walk around the building once. We stopped at one darkened corner where it was quiet enough to hear ourselves think. AND THERE WAS PIANO MUSIC COMING FROM THE BUILDING! Two of my roommates and I could all hear it. It was faint, but every few beats a high note rang loud and clear through the night.

Before any of this happned we went to "the haunted hospital". I've never been to a freakier place. Imagine a large abandoned hospital building circa 1905 (with a couple remodels) at the base of a mountain behind a neighborhood straight out of The Poltergeist. Add in the yard and parking lot over grown with weeds and trees that have lost most of their leaves for the winter. Picture boarded windows and doors, a darkened service bay with hideous graffiti acrosssed the decrepit doors. Now that you have your scene add the history -lobotomies, death, abandonment, pain, a slew of seances and other ghostly goings on. You've got the haunted hospital.

This is easily the creepiest place I've ever been at night. Unfortunately we couldn't get inside the building without breaking in -in a small college town where the cops have nothing better to do than hand out tickets to curious students- that didn't seem like a wise plan. My roommates were scared to death. Most of them left early at this point -There's supposed to be more than a few malevolent spritis lurking about. No experiences here, but there was definitely an air about the place that goes a little beyond the usual anxious feeling that one gets when one decides to go looking for the unknown.

The last place we went was a shack in the freaking middle of nowhere that simply looked scary given that it's about a hundred billion years old and has been home to any number of creepy crawlies and miscreants in it's life. I didn't go in this one, if only because I was wearing flip flops and didn't want to go trekking through all the crap that surrounded it.

So it was all just  a bit of fun -except the Old Main thing, which I very much hope to look further into.

One of the girls I work with has led groups on serious ghost hunts -she's been in the hospital and Old Main among other places through out the valley. I'm trying to convince her to take me sometime before Winter really decides to set in but she seemed a bit reluctant so I don't know if it'll pan out but I hope it does.

Oct. 14th, 2008

(no subject)

Kristin Chenoweth's Christmas album is Heaven on Earth.
I admit I was a little skeptical when I read the song list and heard the clips on her website. I really need to stop doubting her. She totally blows me away! I was sitting in the common room at the student center today CRYING over Sleep Well Little Children/What a Wonderful World. I'm totally in awe of her voice. And I must say...I had a lousy day. It wasn't truly awful but I havea million little stressful things going, particularly today, so between that and the existential crisis I'm apparently having I haven't felt at peace in a while but sitting there listening to her sing it finally came to me. Thank God and thank Kristin.

This being said. I'm also currently obsessing over Gotta Be Somebody by Nickelback. It's a great feel good song.

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