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November 2008

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So I went to see High School Musical 3 yesterday. Couldn't see Cameron for the life of me but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. The songs were by far the best of the series and while it was totally campy it was also a lot of fun. It made me miss high school, which I suppose is a bit pathetic, but I miss being in plays and bein' in the drama crowd and all the friends that I haven't seen since going to college.

That said, I'm going home this weekend and I have every intention of seeing lots of people, lets see if it actually happens this time lol. I also went to Wal Mart yesterday and looked for something to be for Halloween. I was just gonna put a couple cuts/stitches on my face to go to work but I found this cool ice princess/frost bite make up kit so I got that and am gonna be that instead with icicle earings. It should be cool. So we're going to the haunted hospital (again, but legally this time lol) Thursday then heading home Friday which of course is Halloween and my grandma's birthday so I should make it home for the party at least but I might not get to take my little sister trick or treating but she'll probably forgive me for that teehee.

I also got these fabulous dragonfly earrings. And they're green!!!

In other news I am obsessing over music in other languages again. I'm not sure I really ever stopped but I've been on a total rampage for the last week or so. I totally blame Celine, even though French isn't my favorite, she's definitely got some gorgeous songs!