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November 2008

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Late night ramblings

Okay, so it's like one and I should be asleep but I decided I'm sleeping in tomorrow so I don't actually care that much.

I'm totally jealous that Logan and Westin got to go see Ellen. And I'm even more jealous that they just happened to be there when Kristin was! The unjustice of it all. Oh well. I got to see her and I almost peed myself laughing so hard so I haven't got much to complain about.

Kristin talking about 'witch on witch action' is my absolute new favorite thing ever. And that's the truth.

So I've decided I'm moving to like...Nunavut or something and live in an igloo with my polar bear peeps. Why do we have the heat on? It finally cools down to a temperature perfect of duvet snuggling and these crazies I live with turn the heat on. Truthfully I think my thrifty parents have really screwed me over in the internal temperature department. First of all there's all these Viking genes in me -what were they thinking?! And then they refused for 80% of my life to turn the heat on until oh lets see CHRISTMAS! to turn the heat on  -mind you in Utah winter get's pretty dang cold, greatest snow on earth and all that- Anyhoo, I'm blaming them. That's what they're there for right? Haha.

Um, I should right. But I'm gonna sleep instead I think. I will deal with Fiyero and his secrets tomorrow...And I won't think a bit more about writing a Chenzel Christmas story. No I won't. I swear. This is me not thinking about it.....

Oh GOOD song!!!! I love Pandore, it's probably the best thing ever...right after Kristin Chenoweth...and water...and...no that's about it's rank right now.