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November 2008

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Goblin's and ghoulies and ghosts oh my!

So being that there's a bunch of groovy haunting happenings going on in my town my roommates and I took it upon ourselves to go ghost hunting tonight. To interesting results.

I now know that my roommates are fraidy cats (but I love them dearly and won't hold this against them). However, I must say it was an interesting experience. I believe in ghosts and have for so long that I'm not sure I ever didn't. But at the same time I'm fairly skeptical, I don't trust the urban legends much, and I prefer proof -EVP's, pictures, infrared photos, electromagnetic readings, etc. That being said some seriously freaky stuff happened to the night.

The crowning moment was definitely at Old Main. This is the original college building on campus and it's said that when it was being built, the president of the university was having an affair. His wife found out and he had her "taken care of" in the hills behind the town and apparently her blood spilled across some of the granite they used to build Old Main and now her ghost haunts the third floor of the building. There have been many people who claim to have had run ins with this ghost, and most of the faculty and staff leave the building by dark. It's said that at midnight on a full moon her ghost can be seen wandering past windows and piano music can be heard.

So we went to Old Main on this the night of the full moon at midnight (had to run to get there on time, not cool). There was quite the crowd of students gathered in front of the building and a cat who was wandering around giving everyone the heebiejeebies (guardians of the underworld much?). Anyway it was loud, and of course the building is now locked and well lit and all that. So we didn't see much except stupid people moving around casting shadows for us to jump at. We stayed for about ten minutes and then decided to leave the crowd and walk around the building once. We stopped at one darkened corner where it was quiet enough to hear ourselves think. AND THERE WAS PIANO MUSIC COMING FROM THE BUILDING! Two of my roommates and I could all hear it. It was faint, but every few beats a high note rang loud and clear through the night.

Before any of this happned we went to "the haunted hospital". I've never been to a freakier place. Imagine a large abandoned hospital building circa 1905 (with a couple remodels) at the base of a mountain behind a neighborhood straight out of The Poltergeist. Add in the yard and parking lot over grown with weeds and trees that have lost most of their leaves for the winter. Picture boarded windows and doors, a darkened service bay with hideous graffiti acrosssed the decrepit doors. Now that you have your scene add the history -lobotomies, death, abandonment, pain, a slew of seances and other ghostly goings on. You've got the haunted hospital.

This is easily the creepiest place I've ever been at night. Unfortunately we couldn't get inside the building without breaking in -in a small college town where the cops have nothing better to do than hand out tickets to curious students- that didn't seem like a wise plan. My roommates were scared to death. Most of them left early at this point -There's supposed to be more than a few malevolent spritis lurking about. No experiences here, but there was definitely an air about the place that goes a little beyond the usual anxious feeling that one gets when one decides to go looking for the unknown.

The last place we went was a shack in the freaking middle of nowhere that simply looked scary given that it's about a hundred billion years old and has been home to any number of creepy crawlies and miscreants in it's life. I didn't go in this one, if only because I was wearing flip flops and didn't want to go trekking through all the crap that surrounded it.

So it was all just  a bit of fun -except the Old Main thing, which I very much hope to look further into.

One of the girls I work with has led groups on serious ghost hunts -she's been in the hospital and Old Main among other places through out the valley. I'm trying to convince her to take me sometime before Winter really decides to set in but she seemed a bit reluctant so I don't know if it'll pan out but I hope it does.